From 2013 to 2017 our team produced San Diego Bacon Fest for bacon loving fanatics from all over the world. In 2015, we brought the Mission Valley Craft Beer & Food Festival (MVCBF) back to life and served the masses until our last event on February 29, 2020. Without a home for MVCBF due to the stadium being sold to SDSU and still having a pandemic to deal with, we opted to go in another direction and do something we've discussed for years. Host smaller events for those that truly have a passion for craft beer. Brewciety is the result.

Unfortunately, nothing ever goes as planned. As we worked directly with many in the beer industry, we became friends with San Diego's hometown hero, Nate Soroko. For over a decade Nate supported everything we did. Participated in every event. As a matter of fact, we planned to include Nate in our marketing campaign for the next MVCBF. Like a lot of other events, Nate was a spokesperson for one of our past events and we wanted to pay homage by asking him to do it again.


When learning of his passing we turned to social media to say our respects. What was something amazing to witness, was the sheer amount of posts from others doing the same. It was impossible to not read about how he impacted someone's life in a positive manner. One thing we did notice, a common statement was to simply be a better human. After a few days of reflection, our team started brainstorming. How can we be better? It didn't take long to come to an agreement that we would award scholarships to SDSU's beer program. What we didn't plan on, was receiving the blessing from Nate's family to name the scholarships after him. It wasn't our original intent as we already agreed to move forward with our plan. Although, it is an honor to say the least. Now, we'll be assisting individuals looking to further their career in the beer industry, and doing our part in ensuring the history of craft beer and the people that were an integral part of making San Diego the craft beer capital, are not forgotten.

Brewciety is now here. We do it for the people.